??xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ι:听力译֠ - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/zt/rss/ 听力译֠ zh-cn Tue, 28 May 2019 04:31:50 GMT-8 Tue, 28 May 2019 04:31:50 GMT-8 service@www.aslem.icu service@www.aslem.icu 里昂炸弹袭击13人受伤,嫌犯已被?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450080-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Suspect arrested after Lyon bomb attack that wounded 13 里昂炸弹袭击13人受伤,嫌犯已被? French police have arrested a suspect following a blast in the city of Lyon that wounded 13 people last week, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said Monday. 法国内政部长克里斯托?middot;卡斯塔内(Christophe Castaner)周一表示Q上?当地旉24?里昂发生一L炸,造成臛_13人受伤,法国警方随后逮捕了一名嫌疑h? Castaner announced the development on Twitter. A statement later from Paris prosecutors, who handle all terrorism-related cases, said a 24-year-old was arrested in Lyon and has been placed in custody. 卡斯塔内Castaner在推特上宣布了事件进展。负责处理与恐怖主义有x件的巴黎察官E后发表声明_一?4岁的男子在里昂被捕,目前已被押? Police had launched a large manhunt after a device exploded Friday on a busy pedestrian street in the central city. Regional authorities said the 13 wounded suffered mostly minor injuries. 周五(当地旉24?Q在市中心一条繁忙的步行街发生爆炸,随后警方展开了大规模搜捕行动。地区当局_13名伤者均伤? President Emmanuel Macron called the explosion an "attack" but no group has claimed responsibility for the explosion yet. 法国ȝ埃马U埃?middot;马克龙把此次爆炸定性ؓ“袭击”Q但目前q没有组l声U对爆炸负责? ]]></description> </item><item><title>十年来,说唱歌手耐利每年供两个孩子上大学 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450079-1.html 太极、瑜伽增q中印友?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-7804-450078-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Taiji, Yoga deepen China-India friendship 太极、瑜伽增q中印友? Before Yu Songsong started to learn yoga, he knew little about India, where the practice originated. 在于松松开始学习瑜伽之前,他对瑜伽的发源地印度知之甚少? Having spent the last six years learning yoga disciplines, he is enamored by the yoga culture and eager to travel to India. 在过ȝ六年里,他一直在学习瑜伽Q对瑜伽文化非常着qPq望去印度旅行? In 2013, Yu from a rural area in Guizhou fell ill ahead of an examination to enter university. He ended up studying marketing at a local college of finance not far from his home. 2013q_来自贵州农村的于松松在高考前病倒。他最l在d不远的一所金融学院学习市场营销? I don't like marketing at all, and I was suffering from an emotional disorder, almost depression. I received medical treatment but did not get my mind and body right, said the 25-year-old who is pursuing a master's degree in the China-India yoga college in Yunnan Minzu University in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province. “我一点也不喜Ƣ市销Q而且我患有情l障,几乎是抑郁症。我接受了医疗治疗,但我的思想和n体都没有恢复正常Q?rdquo;25岁的他说Q他正在中国西南部云南省昆明市的云南民族大学中国印度瑜伽学院攻读士学位? It was yoga that turned me around. I was no longer lost. I've found a direction for my life, Yu said. “是瑜伽让我改变了x。我不再q。我扑ֈ了h生的方向?rdquo; He started to practice yoga when he was a freshman and became a vegetarian. "The physical and mental practices relieved me of psychological distress," he said. 他大一开始练瑜伽Q后来成Z一名素食主义者?ldquo;w体和精上的锻炼减M我的心理压力Q?rdquo;他说? Yu participated in a national fitness yoga competition and studied hard for an admission test to enter the master's program in the yoga college. 于松村֏加了一场全民健w瑜伽比赛,Z考入瑜伽学院的硕士课E,他刻苦学习? Through yoga, Yu is deepening a comparative study in the philosophies of China and India, two great civilizations in Asia. 通过瑜伽Q于松松正在深化对亚z两大文?mdash;—中国和印度哲学的比较研究? In the class, we discuss and compare the traditional Chinese theory that 'man is an integral part of nature' and the Indian idea that 'the Buddhist and I are one.' Through this, we explore the similarities that underly the culture and civilizations of the two countries, he said. “在课堂上Q我们讨论和比较了中国传l的‘人是自然不可分割的一部分’理论和印度的‘佛教徒和我是一体的’思想。他?“通过q个Q我们探讨了两国文化和文明的怼之处?rdquo; Yu is learning from his Indian teacher Yatendra Dutt Amoli, and his teacher is studying Taiji from Chinese masters and students after class. 余正在向他的印度老师亚腾h·辄·阿莫里学习,他的老师在课后向中国大师和学生学习太极? I'm trying to teach them Indian culture from the Chinese way of looking at nature and values, Amoli said. “我试图从中国人看待自然和价D的角度来教授他们印度文化Q?rdquo;阿莫里说? Both Chinese and Indian civilizations were born by nature, and we always try to find ways to connect human beings with mountains, rivers, forests and lakes in the class, Amoli said. 阿莫里说:“中国和印度的文明都是有自然生的Q我们L在课堂上设法把h与山川、河、森林和湖泊联系h?rdquo; For example, Taiji and yoga stress the elemental nature of the being and their performances reflect the balance between the elements of human being with nature, he said. 例如Q太极和瑜伽人的本质Q他们的表现反映了h与自然之间的qQ他说? In Amoli's opinion, though the ways to practice Taiji and yoga may differ, the fundamentals are similar. 在阿莫里看来Q虽然练习太极和瑜伽的方法可能不同,但基本原理是怼的? In this sense, the two practices from the world's ancient civilizations value human life in the same way. This is the best medium for us to communicate with each other as we share the same levels of understanding, he said. 从这个意义上_q两U来自世界古代文明的做法对hcȝ命的价值是相同的。这是我们彼此沟通的最佛_介,因ؓ我们有着相同的理解水q?rdquo; As an ancient Chinese martial art, Taiji can establish a good base for yoga meditation and enhance one's awareness level, which will be helpful for yoga, Amoli said. 阿莫里说Q太极拳作ؓ一U古老的中国武术Q可以ؓ瑜伽冥想打下良好的基Q提高一个h的意识水qIq将有助于瑜伽? At the beginning of 2018, two sub-centers of the China-India Taiji college of Yunnan Minzu University were established in India and have trained about 1,000 Indians. 2018q初Q云南民族大学中印太极学院在印度讄了两个分中心Q培训印度hU?000人? Taiji and yoga provide two different platforms to pursue spiritual sublimation and a sound body and mind, said Yu Xinli, director of the international cooperation and exchange office of Yunnan Minzu University. 云南民族大学国际合作与交办公室MQ于新CD:“太极招_瑜伽求精升华和w心健康提供了两个不同的q_?rdquo; But many Chinese and Indian youths still know little about each other, he said. “但许多中国和印度的年Mh仍然对彼此知之甚,”他说? They consider yoga and Taiji merely as two physical exercises rather than two cultures, so we need to do more to deepen mutual learning and friendship, he said. 他说:“他们认ؓ瑜伽和太极只是两U体育锻|而不是两U文化,因此我们需要做更多的事情来加深怺学习和友谊?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>珠穆朗玛峰的“交通堵塞”对d者来说是致命?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450077-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA['Traffic jam' on Mount Everest turns deadly for climbers 珠穆朗玛峰的“交通堵?rdquo;对登p来说是致命? As the once-elusive Mount Everest has become increasingly popular, overcrowding has taken a toll, and not just on the landscape. Seven climbers have died in a week — more than the lives lost on the mountain in all of 2018, reports the BBC. 因ؓ曄难以捉摸的珠I朗玛峰变得来受Ƣ迎Q过度拥挤的ZZ很大代hQ而不仅仅是对环境有伤実뀂据BBC报道,一周内?名登p死亡,?018q在q里丧生的hq要多? The deaths come amid reports of "traffic jams" on Everest. News agency AFP says that on May 22, when the weather was clear, more than 200 climbers were attempting to summit from both Nepal and China. Climbing teams were lined up for hours to reach the top, risking altitude sickness and frostbite while they waited. q些M事g出现在珠I朗玛峰“交通堵?rdquo;的报道中Q据法新C报道,5?2日,天气晴朗Q?00多名d者正试图从尼泊尔和中国登。爬山队排了几个时的队到达山顶Q在{待的时候冒着高原病和M的危险? The most recent deaths include Indian climber Anjali Kulkarni, 55, who died on her way back from climbing to the summit. Her son told CNN she had become stuck in the line above camp four, the final camp before the summit. American mountaineer Donald Lynn Cash, 55, died after fainting from high altitude sickness while descending from the summit. 最q死亡的人里包括55岁的印度d者安贑ֈ·库尔卡尼Q她是在从顶峰回来的路上M的。她的儿子告诉CNNQ她被困在第四营以上的队伍里Q这是到N峰前最后一支队伍?5岁的国d者唐U_d·林恩·卡什在从山顶下山时因高原病晕倒后M? Climber Nirmal Purja, who was part of the Project Possible Expedition, tweeted a photo of the line. d者Nirmal Purja?ldquo;可能q征”目的一员,他在推特上发了一张这条线的照片? On Facebook he shared that he counted roughly 320 people waiting to summit. The area is known as "the death zone" because of its dangerously high altitude — 26,247 feet (8,000 meters). 他在Facebook上分享说Q据他统计大U有320人在{待爬上峰。这个地UCؓ“M地带”Q因为v拔高得危?26Q?47英尺(8Q?00c?? Last year, a record 807 people reached the summit, according to the BBC. This year, AFP reports that Nepal has issued a record 381 permits costing $11,000 each for this year's spring climbing season alone, causing concern about how that level of foot traffic will affect safety. 据BBC报道Q去q达到顶峰的人数辑ֈ了创U录?07人。今q_法新C报道说Q尼泊尔单单于今q春季爬山季节就发放?81张许可证Q每张售价ؓ11Q?00元Q引起了对这U程度的步行会如何媄响安全这一问题的关注? Danduraj Ghimire, director general of Nepal's Tourism Department, however, told CNN that claims of crowding contributing to climber deaths are "baseless." 然而,泊旅渔RMQDanduraj Ghimire告诉CNNQ拥挤导致登p死亡的说法“毫无Ҏ”? "The weather has not been very great this climbing season, so when there is a small window when the weather clears up, climbers make the move," Ghimire said. "On May 22, after several days of bad weather, there was a small window of clear weather, when more than 200 mountaineers ascended Everest. The main cause of deaths on Everest has been high altitude sickness which is what happened with most of the climbers who lost their lives this season as well." Ghimire_“q个d季天气不太好Q所以天气一旦{_d者就会采取行动??2日,l过几天p糕的天气之后,天气有{晴的q象Q当?00多名d者登上了珠穆朗玛峰。造成珠穆朗玛Ch员死亡的主要原因是高h病,q也是大多数在这个登山季中失ȝ命的d者们M的原因?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>Heart in your mouthQ!千万别翻译ؓ“把心脏放进嘴巴里”! - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450076-1.html 中国首个北极U考站黄河站开始今q考察d - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450058-1.html 工作q度Q刺伤老板 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450054-1.html 国使用无h机预岩x坡,观察野生动物 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450052-1.html 在密歇根汽R旅馆发现一名女婴和Ҏȝ父母 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450042-1.html ȝ要求I斯林病人摘下面Up停职,C人抗?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450037-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[ More than 83,000 people have signed a petition backing a British doctor who could lose his job for asking a Muslim woman to remove her veil. 过8.3万h{v了一份请愿书Q支持一名可能因要求I斯林妇x下面Up失业的英国ȝ? Dr. Keith Wolverson, 52, insists he only asked the woman to remove her niqab, a veil covering all but the eyes, so he could hear her while trying to diagnose her daughter at Royal Stoke University Hospital last June. 52岁的Keith Wolversonȝ坚持_d6月,他在皇家斯托克大学医院给她的奛_做诊断时Q只要求q名妇女摘下她的面纱Q这是一块只剩下眼睛的面U,q样他就能听到她在说什么? “I asked a lady to remove her face veil for adequate communication, in the same way I’d ask a motorcyclist to remove a crash helmet,” insisted Wolverson, a primary doctor for 23 years, according to the Independent. 据英国《独立报》报道,23q来一直担Md生的沃尔森坚持?Q?ldquo;我要求一位女士摘下面U,以便q行充分的交,像我要求摩托R手摘下头盔一栗?rdquo; “I’m not racist. This has nothing to do with race, religion or skin color,” he previously told the Daily Mail. 他在接受《每日邮报》采访时_“我不是种族主义者。这与种族、宗教或肤色无关Q?rdquo; But the unidentified woman complained, and now Wolverson says he is “fearful of the consequences” of a formal probe by the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) as well as a racial discrimination inquiry. 但这位n份不明的妇女做了投诉QWolverson表示Q他对英国医学委员会(GMC)的正式调查以及种族歧视调查的“后果很担?rdquo;? “I’m a little bit sad the country has been committed to depths such as this,” he complained, having been suspended during the investigation, according to the report. 在调查期间被停职的他抱怨道:“我有炚wq,q个国家已经陷入q样的困境?rdquo; News of the probe sparked a change.org petition, “Stop Dr Wolverson getting fired,” which as of Sunday morning had more than 83,000 signatures. 有关调查的消息引发了change.org|站上的一份请愿书Q题?ldquo;抗议Wolverson博士被解?rdquo;Q截臛_日早上,该请愿书已经?3000多个{֐? “I have been absolutely bowled over by the support,” Wolverson said. “I am going to fight it until the bitter end.” “我完全被他们的支持所折服Q?rdquo;Wolverson说?ldquo;我要战斗到底?rdquo; The petition seeks to “save this man’s reputation.” h书旨?ldquo;挽救q个人的名誉”? “I believe he acted in the best interest of the child involved and there was no racist or religious discrimination in his actions,” the creator states. h书发赯说Q?ldquo;我相信他所做的一切都是ؓ了那个孩子的最大利益,他的行ؓ没有U族M或宗教歧视?rdquo; “We need to ensure the General Medical Council treat this man fairly and look at all the evidence.” “我们需要确保英国医学委员会公^对待q个人,q公布相兌据?rdquo; The Doctors Association called on the GMC to issue “clear guidelines to protect both doctors and our patients,” according to the Independent. 据《独立报》报道,ȝ协会呼吁英国d委员会公(GMC)发布“保护ȝ和患者的明确指导斚w”? “It is of utmost importance that the religious wishes of our patients are respected,” a spokesperson added. 一位发a充说Q?ldquo;最重要的是重病h的宗教意ѝ?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>国最的hW是什么样子的? - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450032-1.html 北京发布AI道d标准Q呼吁国际合?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450030-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[The Beijing AI Principles was jointly unveiled Saturday by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), Peking University, Tsinghua University, Institute of Automation and Institute of Computing Technology in Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an AI industrial league involving firms like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. 周六Q??5日)Q北京h工智能研I(BAAI)、北京大学、清华大学、中国科学院自动化研I所和计技术研I所Q以及一个由癑ֺ、阿里巴巴和腾讯{公司参与的人工产业联盟共同发布了《h工智能北京共识》? "The development of AI is a common challenge for all humanity. Only through coordination on a global scale can we build AI that is beneficial to both humanity and nature," said BAAI director Zeng Yi. “人工的发展是全hc面临的共同挑战。只有在全球范围内进行协调,我们才能出对人类和自焉有益的h工智能?rdquo; "The Beijing Principles reflect our position, vision and our willingness to create a dialogue with the international society," Zeng said. 人工伦理与安全研I中心主L毅说:“《h工智能北京共识》反映了我们的立场、愿景和与国际社会对话的意愿?rdquo; The 15-point principles call for AI to be beneficial and responsible. "Through the principles, we anticipate in-depth cooperation between and among different organizations, institutions, and countries to achieve harmony and optimal symbiosis," he said. 15点原则要求h工智能是有益的和负责ȝ。他?“通过q些原则Q我们期待不同组l、机构和国家之间的深入合作,以实现和谐和最佛_生?rdquo; According to the document, the purpose of AI is to promote the progress of society and human civilization and advance the sustainable development of nature and society. Ҏ文gQh工智能的目的是促q社会和人类文明的进步,促进自然和社会的可持l发展? The development of AI shall comply with the human value system, and take into full consideration the people's privacy, dignity, freedom, independence and rights. It shall not be used to counter, use, or harm people, it said. 人工的发展应遵@人类价gp,充分考虑人的隐私、尊严、自由、独立和权利。而不应被用来反击、利用或伤害人民? Developers shall take into full consideration and try their best to control and avoid potential ethical, legal, and social risks and hazards, it said. 声明Uͼ开发者应充分考虑Q尽最大努力控制和避免潜在的u理、法律和C会风险和危実? The development of AI shall reflect diversity and inclusiveness, and they should be designed to benefit the largest number of people possible, especially groups that are neglected and underrepresented in technology. 人工的发展应体现多样性和包容性,其设计应可能地惠及更多人,其是那些在技术领域被忽视和代表性不的体? Precaution shall be adopted in the promotion of AI applications that may impact the employment of people, it said. 声明Uͼ在推q可能媄响就业的人工应用Ӟ应采取预防措施? ]]></description> </item><item><title>中国境内发现|见的全白大熊猫 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-10218-450029-1.html U植长叶松树Q一ơ一?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450021-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[REPLENISHING THE LONGLEAF PINE, ONE TREE AT A TIME U植长叶松树Q一ơ一? When he’s not trotting the globe as a keyboardist for The Rolling Stones, Chuck Leavell can be found tending the grounds of his 4,000-acre tree farm in Georgia, fulfilling a lifelong passion of conservation and sustainability. 当查?middot;里维不再以滚石乐队键盘手的w䆾环游世界Ӟ你会发现他正在照料自׃M?000׃的林场,履行着对保护和可持l发展的毕生Ȁ情? “There’s a wonderful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that goes, ‘In the woods, we return to reason and faith,’” Leavell said. “And I believe that’s true.” “拉尔?middot;沃尔?middot;爱默生有句名aQ?lsquo;在森林里Q我们回归理性和信Ԓ?rsquo;”里维说?ldquo;我相信这是真的?rdquo; One of his key focuses is the longleaf pine, once the predominant tree species in the Southeast. Like Leavell, Aria® Paper Products is dedicated to the conservation of the longleaf pine. 他的重点x对象之一是长叶松Q它曄是东南部的主要树U。与里维一PAria®U制品公司致力于保护长叶松? It works with the Longleaf Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for the longleaf pine, to plant trees in the Desoto National Forest in southern Mississippi. For every tree the Aria® brand uses, it plants three new ones. This supports the brand’s mission to give more than it takes. 它与长叶松联盟合作,在密西西比州南部的d索托国家林U植树木。Aria®品牌每用一|Q就会种植三|树。这W合该品牌的使命:付出多于索取? ]]></description> </item><item><title>你喂猫的Ҏ可能是错?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450020-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[You're probably feeding your cat all wrong 你喂猫的Ҏ可能是错? Feeding time for most cat owners occurs in a few ways. The first involves cracking open a bag or container of food, and the cat you couldn't find comes running, ready to chow down. The second is an automated feeder that dispenses the food at a preset time, and your cat has learned the time and sits next to it, waiting. The last one is your cat meowing endlessly in your ear on a Saturday morning when all you want to do is sleep an extra hour. 对大多数猫主人来_喂食旉有几U方式。第一U是打开一个装食物的袋子或容器Q你找不到的那只猫跑q来准备吃东ѝ第二种是自动喂食器Q它可以在预讄旉分发食物Q你的猫已经知道了时_坐在它旁边{待。最后一个是Q在周六的早晨你的猫无休止地在你而喵喵叫,而你最惛_的就是多睡一个小时? None of these methods, however, are all that good for your feline friend — at least that's the word from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). This group of veterinarians focused on cats' medical needs has released a consensus statement in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery that explains exactly how we should be feeding our cats, particularly with an emphasis on managing behavioral issues. 然而,所有这些方法对你的猫朋友都没有那么?臛_q是国x从业者协?AAFP)的说法。这个专门关注猫的医疗需求的兽医组?ldquo;菲林d与外U杂?rdquo;上发表了一份共识声明,解释了我们应该如何喂L们的猫,q特别强调了理行ؓ问题? "Appropriate feeding programs need to be customized for each household," Tammy Sadek, the statement's chairperson, said in a press release, "and should incorporate the needs of all cats for play, predation and a location to eat and drink where they feel safe." 该声明的d塔米萨d?Tammy Sadek)在一份新ȝ中说Q?ldquo;需要ؓ每个家庭量n定制合适的喂养ҎQƈ应考虑到所有猫咪对玩耍、捕食,以及它们觉得安全的吃喝场所的需要?rdquo; The AAFP explains that most indoor cats receive one or two large meals a day, often without consideration of the cat's actual energy requirements, and normally only at the same spot in the household. Pile on the fact that "modern pet food is highly palatable and easy to eat rapidly," and you have a recipe for an obese cat who stress eats only to run back to a safe space to vomit. AAFP解释_大多数室内猫每天吃一C大,通常不考虑猫的实际能量需求,通常只在安的同一地点吃。再加上“C宠物食品非常味Q而且Ҏ快速食?rdquo;q一事实Q你有了一个结论,一只在压力下进食的肥猫Q只会跑回安全的地方呕吐? So what is a cat owner to do to make for a happier, fitter and less-stressed kitty? The AAFP has a few recommendations. 那么Q养猫的Mh要做些什么才能让猫咪更快乐、更健康、压力更呢?AAFP有一些徏议? 1. Puzzle feeders and foraging. 益智喂食和觅食? 2. Break up meal time. 分开用餐旉? 3. Know what your cat needs. 了解你的猫需要什么? If you have an outdoor cat, they may face similar issues as indoor cats, especially if you're feeding them. It "leaves a void in the 'time budget'" of cats that could otherwise be spending their time actually hunting for critter snack on over the course of the day. 如果你有一只户外猫Q它们可能面临与室内猫相似的问题Q尤其是当你喂它们的时候。它在猫?lsquo;旉预算’中留下了一个空白,否则q些猫可能会把它们一天的旉花在L动物雉上? ]]></description> </item><item><title>开着房RL行:一ơ又一ơ的冒险 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450018-1.html 摄媄师在对称反射下捕捉雄Co人叹止的囑փ - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450017-1.html 特蕾莎h宣布辞职(双语国际新闻) - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450014-1.html 华北地区持箋高温 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450013-1.html 为庆《奇怪物?3?New Coke回归 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450012-1.html “光盘行动”进行中Q你知道“光盘”用p怎么说吗Q?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450011-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  现在我们无论是在学校食堂Q还是在外面厅餐Q?ldquo;光盘行动”“避免费”q样的字眼随处可见?ldquo;光盘行动”倡导厉行节约Q反寚w张浪费,带动大家珍惜_食、吃光盘子中的食物。同时这个行动也提醒我们Q时至今日,珍惜_食仍是需要遵守的古老美德之一。既然光盘行动这么受Ƣ迎Q那么如何用p表达“光盘”?我们一h看一?   01.Finish up your plate.   Finish up means to complete something. Finish up的意思是“?.....而告l?rdquo;。Finish up your plate的字面意思是“以盘子而告l?rdquo;。吃饭时最后只剩下盘子Q这U说法很夸张Q也很Ş象,与汉语里?ldquo;都见底?rdquo;的说法相伹{在地道的英语口语中QFinish up your plate.可以翻译ؓ把饭吃光?   -OH, mom. How delicious the steak is!   啊,妈妈Q这牛排的味道实在美极了?   -Thank you. Then you can finish up your plate.   谢谢!那就全部吃光吧?   In order to catch the early train in time, he finished up his plate in 10 minutes.   Z及时赶上火R, 他在十分钟内把饭吃光了?   02.Clean up your plate.   clean up 本意?ldquo;打扫q净Q清?rdquo;?Clean up your plateQ是另外一U非常Ş象的表达“光盘”的说法。光盘行动也可以说ؓClean Plate Campaign?   Recently, the “Clean Plate Campaign” has been very popular with many people.   最q,光盘行动受到了许多h的欢q?   Clean Plate Campaign is really necessary because it can promote the awareness of public to save food.   光盘行动很有必要Q因为它能提高公众节U粮食的意识? ]]></description> </item><item><title>《v涌的h:地图选择?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450010-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Record-breaking floods, stronger storms, unpredictable rainfall — none of it should come as a particular surprise considering Myanmar’s standing as one of the most vulnerable countries in the world when it comes to climate change and extreme weather events. 破纪录的z水、强风暴、不可预的降雨——在缅甸这一切都不值得惊讶Q毕竟它在气候变化和极端天气斚w是世界上最脆弱的国家之一? But actually seeing the predicted impact of sea-level rises in Yangon mapped out — comparing a future with a world hotter by 2 degrees Celsius, then by 4 degrees — is pretty eye-opening. 但事实上Q看CԒ光vq面上升的预媄?mdash;—未来全球变?摄氏度、与全球变暖4摄氏度进的对比图——相当令h大开眼界? Take a quick look at the simulations created by Surging Seas: Mapping Choices and shared by historian Thant-Myint U on his Facebook page earlier today, and we’ll explain what you’re seeing below. 今天早些时候,历史学家Thant-Myint U在他的Facebook上分享了《v涌的h:地图选择?Mapping Choices)的模拟场景,图解如下?   In the first comparison, the one positing a 2-degree global uptick, a large part of the Irrawaddy delta is completely submerged, with patches of water covering a large part of the area across the river in Dala, Seikkyi Kanaungto, Hlaingtharya, and Kyimyindaing, surrounding Yangon proper. 在第一个对比图中,假设全球气温上升2度,伊洛瓦底江三角洲的大部分地区完全被没,在河对岸的大拉拉、凯南东、林塔里亚和基明丹的大片区域被水覆盖Q而Ԓ光就在附q? In the second comparison — the 4-degree version — Yangon is almost completely submerged in water, with just a strip of town running from the downtown jetty to Hlaing township remaining above sea level. 在第二次比较?mdash;—上升4度的版本——仰光几乎完全Ҏ在水中,只有一条从市中心防波堤到Hlaing镇的狭长地带漏出^面? The projections may seem extreme, but the numbers correspond with those from various international organizations specializing in climate change and meteorology. q些预测看v来有些不切实际,但这些数字与专门研究气候变化和气象学的各个国际l织的预是一致的? In a 2017 World Wildlife Fund summary report, published in conjunction with the UN and several Myanmar government ministries, experts predict sea levels will rise by anywhere from 40 to 80 centimeters by the 2080s, with a figure over 100 centimeters a possibility. ?017q世界野生动物基金会(World Wildlife Fund)与联合国(UN)和缅甸几个政府部门联合发布的一份ȝ报告中,专家预测Q到2080q_^面将上升40?0厘米Q有可能过100厘米? “Sea levels are projected to rise by between 5cm and 13cm in the 2020s along the entire coast of Myanmar, increasing to 20cm to 41cm in the 2050s, and 37cm to 83cm in the 2080s, with the potential for as much as a 122cm increase,” the report states. 报告指出Q?ldquo;~甸整个岸的vq面预计在本世纪20q代上??3厘米Q到本世U?0q代上升至20厘米?1厘米Q到本世U?0q代上升至37厘米?3厘米Q有可能上升多达122厘米?rdquo; Just a 50 centimeter increase in sea levels could cause the coastline to retreat by almost 10km low-lying areas of the country like the Irrawaddy Delta. 在像伊洛瓦底江三角洲q样的低z地区,^面只要上?0厘米Qv岸线׃退~近10公里? According to the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance, Myanmar’s geographic location, as well as its dependence on its natural resources and ecosystems for its economy and overall well-being make it especially vulnerable to changes in the climate, as well as extreme climate events. 据缅甸气候变化联盟称Q缅甸的地理位置Q经和国民q福对自然资源和生态系l的高度依赖Q其特别容易受到气候变化以及极端气候的影响? In 2008, Cyclone Nargis claimed almost 140,000 lives by the most conservative estimates, and displaced 800,000 more, causing irreparable damage to many in the delta region who were not warned of the incoming storm surge, torrential rain and gust winds. Since then, more floods and cyclones have battered Myanmar, displacing thousands and killing hundreds every year. 保守估计Q?008q_在没有收到风暴、暴雨和狂风的预警的情况下,U_吉斯飓风了近14万h的生命,q80多万人流d所Q给三角z地区的许多人造成了无法I补的损失。自那以后,更多的洪水和飓风袭击了缅甸,每年造成数千人流d所Q数百hM? ]]></description> </item><item><title>首轮高温来袭Q这些夏天的装备你会说吗? - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450004-1.html q种常见的饮料可以降低失忆的风险 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-7804-450008-1.html U学家发现最大的水下火山爆发 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-450007-1.html 厨房排水处有呛_?不?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-450000-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[How to clean a smelly drain naturally 厨房排水处有呛_?不? Does your kitchen or bathroom drain smell? There are several natural methods you can use to try to freshen it up. 你的厨房或ʎ室下水道有臭呛_?告诉你几U自然的ҎQ可以去除味道,使其焕然一新? First, remove any trapped hair or other objects from the drain that can catch soap or grease that can build up and cause odors. Use an inexpensive, bendable plastic drain stick that grabs on to hair and pulls it out. 首先Q清除下水道堵塞的头发和其他杂物Q这些东西会吸收肥皂或a脂,油脂U聚h׃产生异味。用一U便宜的Q弯曲的塑料排水,抓住头发后拔出来? Then, use these two simple steps to naturally deodorize. 然后Q简单两步,自然d? 1. Start with boiling hot water. Boil a kettle full of water and pour it slowly down the drain. This may be enough to flush away whatever is causing the odor. If it doesn't eliminate the odor, add a few ingredients to the boiling water. 1.用开水。烧一壶开_慢慢地浇到排水处Q这样可以冲CQ何会引v异味的东ѝ如果这样不能清除异呻I可以在开水中加入一些其他成分? 2. Baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. I recommend pouring baking soda down the drain and letting it sit for a bit, then pouring vinegar into the drain. Finally, rinse it all away with boiling water. 2.用小苏打、醋和沸水。徏议把苏打倒入排水处,E等一会儿Q然后把醋倒进厅R最后,用沸水冲z干净? 3. Don't forget to check the plastic part of your drain plug. It may have built up gunk that's causing the odor that may seem like it's coming from the drain. Give the plug a really good cleaning. 3.别忘了检查排水塞的塑料部分。它可能已经U聚了a脂,产生了一U看h像是从排水处里冒出来的气呻I把排水塞好好清洗一下? If a kitchen or bathroom sink drain still smells after removing trapped hair and using the baking soda and vinegar, there may be something caught in the p-trap that's causing the odor. With a few simple tools (or no tools at all), you can remove the trap yourself, remove anything stuck in there. 如果清理了堵塞的头发Q也使用了小苏打和醋Q厨房或室的下水道仍然有异味的话,那可能是有东西堵在了排水中Q可以用几个单的工具(甚至不用M工具)清理杂物Q清除Q何卡在里面的东西? ]]></description> </item><item><title>阿根廷将?030q世界杯联合甛_中发挥主g?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-8446-449990-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Argentina plays leading role in 2030 World Cup joint bid 阿根廷将?030q世界杯联合甛_中发挥主g? At least five Argentinian cities would host matches during the 2030 World Cup if a joint South American bid were to be successful, officials said on Wednesday. 阿根廷官员周三表C,如果南美联合甛_成功Q至有五个阿根廷城市将?030q世界杯期间丑֊比赛。? In addition to "five or six" games in Argentina, there would be three or four fixtures in Chile and two each in Uruguay and Paraguay, government officials from Chile said. 智利政府官员表示Q除阿根L“五六?rdquo;比赛外,智利有三到四场比赛Q乌拉圭和巴拉圭各有两场比赛? The comments came after a meeting of organizers in the Chilean capital Santiago on Wednesday. Talks designed to coordinate the candidacy will resume in Paraguay's capital Asuncion in July. 周三Q在智利首都圣地亚哥举行的一ơ会议上Q组l者发表了以上a论。旨在协调候选h资格的谈判将?月在巴拉圭首都亚松森举行? "Our first goal is to put together a viable proposal that pleases the world," Chilean sports minister Paulino Kantor said. 智利体育部长保利?middot;坎特_“我们的首要目标是制定一个让世界满意的可行方案?rdquo; The 2030 World Cup will be held 100 years after Uruguay won the inaugural World Cup as hosts. 2030q世界杯在乌拉圭赢得首届世界杯(1930)d?00q后举行? Argentina and Uruguay originally announced plans to vie for the event two years ago before Paraguay was added to the candidacy in October 2017. Chile became the fourth country to be included in February. 阿根廷和乌拉圭最早提Z联合x计划Q巴拉圭?017q?0月加入,智利在今q?月䆾W四个加入该计划? The South American effort faces competition from a British-Irish proposal and a group comprising Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. 南美联合x世界杯的努力面临着来自英国和爱兰的提案以及由摩洛哥、阿及利亚和突斯l成的小l的挑战? Argentina, Chile and Uruguay have each staged the World Cup once before, in 1978, 1962 and 1930 respectively. 阿根廗智利和乌拉圭分别在1978q?962q和1930qD办过世界杯? ]]></description> </item><item><title>3个新的黑暗天I公园展C夜空的奇?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-449983-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[3 new Dark Sky Parks reveal wonders of the night sky 3个新的黑暗天I公园展C夜空的奇? Stargazers can visit three new Dark Sky Parks in the United States and enjoy unpolluted views of night skies thanks to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). 观星者在国可以参观三个新的黑暗天空公园Q观赏无污染的夜I景Ԍq都要归功于国际黑暗天空协会? Over the past few months, the organization designated Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Dinosaur National Monument and Tonto National Monument as International Dark Sky Parks for their "commitment to preserving and educating about the night sky," according to the National Park Service. 国家公园理局_在过ȝ几个月里Q该协会把大沙丘国家公园、恐龙国家纪늢和通托国家U念归入国际黑暗星I公园,因ؓ它们“致力于保护和教育Z关于夜空的知?rdquo;? Let's take a deeper dive into why dark skies matter and what you'll see at the three new Dark Sky Parks. 让我们更深入地探讨ؓ什么黑暗的天空很重要,以及你将在三个新的黑暗天I公园看C么? Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve 大沙丘国家公? Great Sand Dunes has long been a destination for astronomers. Now, it joins three other national parks in Colorado and about 24 national parks around the U.S. that have been designated International Dark Sky Parks. 大沙丘一直是天文学家的目的地。现在,它加入了U罗拉多州的其他三个国家公园和美国各地约24个国家公园的行列Q这些国家公园已被指定ؓ国际黑暗天空公园? Dinosaur National Monument 恐龙国家U念? Located in northeast Utah and northwest Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument is home to some of the most well-preserved dinosaur fossils in the world. It also has some of the most well-preserved dark skies in the world. 恐龙国家U念位于犹他州东北部和U罗拉多州西北部Q是世界上保存最完好的恐龙化石的所在地Q还有一些世界上保存最完好的黑暗天I? The monument covers nearly 211,000 acres across desert peaks and river canyons. Its remote location, high elevation and low humidity provide an excellent vantage point for viewing starry night skies. qU念横跨沙漠山峰和峡谷Q占地近21.1万英亩。它的地理位|偏q,h高,湿度低,赏星I提供了极好的有利条件? Tonto National Monument 通托国家U念? On a clear night, you can see constellations, meteor showers, the Milky Way, planets and more from Tonto National Monumentnear Phoenix, Arizona. The monument covers more than 1,100 acres and includes two well-preserved prehistoric cliff dwellings and many Native American artifacts. 晴朗的夜晚,从亚利桑那州凤凰城的通托国家U念你可以看到星、流星雨、银河系、行星等{。这座纪늢占地1100多英亩,包括两处保存完好的史前悬崖民居和许多印第安h的手工艺品? ]]></description> </item><item><title>国?.2万磅牛肉被召回 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-449980-1.html 中国贵州发生船只侧翻,6人死?12人失t?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-449969-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Boat accident leaves 6 dead, 12 missing in southwest China 中国西南域发生船只侧翻Q?人死亡,12人失t? Six people have been confirmed dead and 12 others remained missing after a boat capsized on a river in southwest China's Guizhou Province Thursday afternoon, according to local authorities Friday. 据当地政??4日报道,星期四下午,中国西南部贵州省的一条河发生翻船事故,目前已确?人死亡,另有12人失t? Rescuers composed of police, emergency response officers, people from the transport and health departments in Bouyei-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Qianxinan are searching for the missing, and trying to lift up the capsized boat. 由来自黔西南布依族苗族自d的警察、应急响应h员、交通和卫生部h员组成的救援队正在积极搜救失th员,q尝试打捞沉舏V? The vessel had 29 people on board when it capsized at 6:30 p.m. Thursday on the Beipan River. Eleven of them have been rescued. 星期四下??0分,q艘载有29人的客轮在北盘江倾覆,目前?1人已l获救? ]]></description> </item><item><title>国试用新方式处理人类遗骸 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-500-449967-1.html 3中国x成功登珠?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-449966-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[3 Chinese Women Conquer Mount Qomolangma 3中国x成功登珠I朗? A mountaineering team of Chinese women have successfully scaled the world's highest peak — Mount Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest — on Wednesday. 5?2日,周三Q一支由中国x组成的d队成功攀M世界最高峰——珠穆朗玛峰? The three Chinese women are Ma Liyamu, from Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region; Ada Tsang Yin-hung, a former school teacher from Hong Kong; and Sun Ning, a designer from Central China's Henan province. q三位中国女性分别是来自新疆l吾族自治区的马丽娅牧、曾任香港市教师的艾?middot;曾怡红和来自河南省的设计师孙宁? Ma Liyamu is the first woman from Xinjiang to successfully climb the mountain in May 2016. In 2015, she was severely injured in an avalanche at the base camp in Nepal when she was preparing to climb Mount Qomolangma. 2016q?月,马丽娅牧成ؓ新疆W一位成功登珠峰的x?015q_她在准备攀ȝI朗玛峰Ӟ在尼泊尔的大本营遭遇雪崩Q严重受伤? Ada Tsang Yin-hung became the first Hong Kong woman to scale the highest peak in the world in May 2017. 2017q?月,曾怡红成ؓ香港W一位攀M界最高峰的女性? This marks the first time for Sun to reach the summit of the tallest mountain on Earth. She had climbed to the top of the world's eighth highest Mount Manaslu, at an altitude of 8,163 meters, in September last year. q是孙宁W一ơ登上地球最高峰。去q?月,她登上了世界W八高的马纳斯鲁山,h8163c? They set off on this year's journey on April 8, adapting to the high altitude and receiving intensive training in more than 40 days. 她们??日开始了今年的旅行,?0多天的时间里适应了高h环境Q也承受了高强度的考验? ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福词汇题的五种解题思\ - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-469-449958-1.html 100列有|能K歌的旅游专列Q今q夏天就到新疆玩儿吧Q?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-449956-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[As tours to Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have become increasingly popular among tourists from home and abroad, local authorities have announced a plan recently to launch as many as 100 special trains for tourists from May to October. 随着新疆旅游业在国内外被逐渐认可Q当地政府最q宣布了一计划,在5月至10月期间推出多?00列旅怸列? The local railway authorities will step up cooperation with other parts of the country to boost Xinjiang’s tourism development, according to Huang Tingfen, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Railway Tourism Development Group. 新疆铁\旅游开发集团副ȝ理黄廯表示Q地斚w路部门将加强与全国各地的合作Q促q新疆旅怸的发展? The trains will provide easier access to both the southern and northern parts of Xinjiang, said Huang. It will also be more convenient for Xinjiang residents to travel to other parts of the country. 黄总说Q高铁让Z来南疆北疆旅游更ҎQ也让新疆h民到内地旅游更方ѝ? Special trains connecting Xinjiang with major tourist areas such as the cities of Beijing, Dalian and Qingdao will be launched during the coming summer vacation, which usually spans June to August. q趟贯通新疆、北京、大q和青岛{主要旅游区的专列将在即到来的暑假期间开通? In the second half of the year, more trains for tourists will go into operation, linking the region to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guiyang city in Guizhou province, and Guilin city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. 今年下半q_有更多q接_港澛_湑֌、贵州贵阛_q西桂林{地的旅怸列投入运营? Huang said more services will be provided on a regular basis on the trains, including karaoke, dining, bathing and internet. 黄总表C,旅游专列上配|有KTV、餐饮、洗和WIFI{娱乐设施? ]]></description> </item><item><title>大量藏羚在西藏q徙 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-10218-449955-1.html CNN News: 中东局势升?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-10220-449950-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[[tctab]参考译文[/tctab] Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been planning a trip to Moscow, Russia this Tuesday. Yesterday he cancelled it and instead headed to Brussels, Belgium. 国国务卿迈?middot;蓬佩?Mike Pompeo)原本计划于本周二讉K俄罗斯莫斯科。昨天,他取消了行程Q前往比利时布鲁塞? That’s where the leaders of the United Kingdom, Germany and France were scheduled to discuss international tensions with Iran and the U.S. Secretary of State decided to join them. U.S. military officials recently said they had intelligence that Iran and groups that operate beneath its military were planning to target U.S. troops in the Middle East and at sea. 英国、d国和法国领导划在利时布鲁塞尔讨论与伊朗的国际紧张局势,国国务卿决定加入讨论。美国军方官员最q表C,他们掌握的情报显C,伊朗及其下属l织计划在中东和上打击国军队 In response, America sent warships, bomber planes and other military equipment to the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow passage of water that borders Iran. Now, U.S. intelligence indicates Iran may be putting missiles aboard small Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf and the U.S. is moving missiles of its own to the region. An American military official says their defensive in nature but the U.S. says that the threat from Iran is still real and credible and that America is taking it seriously. With tensions simmering between those two countries, an official with the British government is calling for a period of calm. 作ؓ回应Q美国向霍尔木兹zN了军舰、蘪炸机和其他军事装备。霍木Ҏv峡是一条与伊朗接壤的狭长水域。现在,国情报昄Q伊朗可能在波斯湄伊朗船上部|导弹,而美国正在把自己的导弹运往该地区。一名美国军方官员表C,他们的防御性质是防御性的Q但国表示Q来自伊朗的威胁仍然真实可信Q美国会严肃对待。随着q两个国家之间的紧张局势不断升U,英国政府的一名官员呼吁希望能有一D和qx? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are very worried about risk of a conflict happening by accident with an escalation that is unintended really on either side but hence it’s some kind of conflict. And so, we’ll be showing those concerns with my European counterparts, with Mike Pompeo. 我们非常担心冲突意外发生的风险,冲突的升U是双方都没有预料到的,但冲H就是发生了? 因此Q我们将向欧z同行迈?middot;蓬佩?Mike Pompeo)表达q些担忧? AZUZ: As U.S. Secretary Pompeo meets with those officials in Belgium, Iran is flexing its muscles in the Middle East. 当美国国务卿蓬佩奥在比利时会见这些官员时Q伊朗正在中东展C军事实力? [tctab]听力原文[/tctab] Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been planning a trip to Moscow, Russia this Tuesday. Yesterday he cancelled it and instead headed to Brussels, Belgium. That’s where the leaders of the United Kingdom, Germany and France were scheduled to discuss international tensions with Iran and the U.S. Secretary of State decided to join them. U.S. military officials recently said they had intelligence that Iran and groups that operate beneath its military were planning to target U.S. troops in the Middle East and at sea. In response, America sent warships, bomber planes and other military equipment to the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow passage of water that borders Iran. Now, U.S. intelligence indicates Iran may be putting missiles aboard small Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf and the U.S. is moving missiles of its own to the region. An American military official says their defensive in nature but the U.S. says that the threat from Iran is still real and credible and that America is taking it seriously. With tensions simmering between those two countries, an official with the British government is calling for a period of calm. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are very worried about risk of a conflict happening by accident with an escalation that is unintended really on either side but hence it’s some kind of conflict. And so, we’ll be showing those concerns with my European counterparts, with Mike Pompeo. AZUZ: As U.S. Secretary Pompeo meets with those officials in Belgium, Iran is flexing its muscles in the Middle East. ]]></description> </item><item><title>BBC News: 阿曼女作家获2019q国际布克奖 - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-10221-449949-1.html 长城马拉松,你跑了没Q?/title> <link>//www.aslem.icu/show-500-449948-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[On May 18, 1,565 runners arrived at the base of the Great Wall of China to take on the Great Wall Marathon, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary. 5?8日,1565名马拉松选手抵达中国长城脚下Q参加今q庆长城国际马拉松20周年的比赛? People from all over the world traveled to China to take part, with people from 67 nations competing this year. 来自世界各地的马拉松爱好者来C国,今年共有67个国家的选手参加了比赛? The race is on Forbes Top 10 List of Marathons Worth Travelling For. During the race, runners faced a grueling 5,164 steps, many of which are uneven and so steep that many people had to use their hands to climb. Runners also passed through landscapes and villages of the rural province of Tianjin, where a number of villagers showed their support. q场比赛是福布斯榜十大最具h值的马拉松之一。在比赛中,选手们要跨越5164U台Ӟ其中很多台阶高低不^Q非帔R峭,许多Z得不用手爬上厅R比赛线E中Q运动员们还领略了天z的风景名胜和乡土民情,许多村民沿\观看q表达了对他们的支持? This year 697 people took part in the full marathon, 635 in the half marathon and 233 in the fun run, which is 8.5 km. 今年?97人参加了全程马拉松,635人参加了半程马拉松,233人参加了8.5公里的趣呌? Douglas Wilson from Australia won the men’s trophy this year with a time of 3:25:25, and Kali Cavey from the US won the women’s with a time of 4:12:27. 最l,澛_利亚选手道格拉斯·威尔逊以3:25:25的成l获得今q的男子l冠军,国选手卡利·卡维?:12:27的成l获得女子组冠军? ]]></description> </item><item><title>breaking news·190501 - Japan has a new emperor - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-10195-449936-1.html breaking news·190429 - Anti-vaxxers blamed for 300% rise in measles - ʧ| //www.aslem.icu/show-10195-449935-1.html